• The "beat any quote" offer requires provision of a written quotation gained within the previous 28 days.
  • One offer per booking.
  • Ceep Clear Cleaning is a trademark and is not to be duplicated
  • Special offers are subject to change
  • All services have to be prepaid
  • If the customer cancels on the day of service, a £10 cancellation charge applies for each staff member that attends that job
  • Any damages to equipment will be charged to named booker
  • The ‘free carpet clean’ offer is for one room carpet cleaned for free as long as a house clean has been booked and paid for.
  • The ‘£20 Cashback’ offer is subject to a 2 month completion of the referred contract.
  • We hold the right to refuse business to anyone.
  • We no longer accept Cheques.
  • All prices/ Quotes are per property and not set by hours.
  • ‘£20 car valet’ offer is for a maximum of 1 hour per vehicle, excludes commercial vehicles.
  • All oven cleans have a 20 minutes warranty on the work (for checking time).
  • All signed contracts and receipts are binding by law
  • Ceep Clear Cleaning are not liable for any damages or loss of property and possessions
  • Any refusal to settle accounts or unpaid jobs will result in all offer prices being void and original prices to be re-enstated
  • All completed cleaning will need to be checked on the day of the service provided
  • If unhappy with any service provided, a re-clean will be provided on condition that it is requested on the same day as the original service
  • All unpaid invoices & accounts will need to be paid within 30 days of the invoice dates
  • All overdue payments will incur a charge in line with the companies operating policy
  • For any re-cleans, refunds & complaints, The customer will need to provide a receipt and provide this via email to ceepclearcleaning@hotmail.co.uk within 24 hours of the original service
  • We may at times record CCTV on our staff, vehicles and any job we attend
  • Any customer that books with us agrees to be filmed for training, monitoring & dispute purposes
  • We may also record conversations without notice, which is why we ask customers to check our terms and conditions before booking with us
  • All the terms and conditions we list are due to insurance compliance for cheaper premiums and not to be seen as un-trustworthy
  • Customer services can be contacted on 02381 783140

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